To be able to import functions from local files: File → Preferences → Project Structure selecting the project in the tree and clicking sources to add it.


For SCT developers, use the path:



VERY IMPORTANT!!! Uncheck “Optimize commit” otherwise Pycharm might change your code automatically (e.g., remove imports that it thinks are not important– although sometimes they are!!)

Edit project history (squash, fixup, ammend):

Environment variable with debug

Run > Edit Configurations > Environment Variables –> click “…”, click “+” On the left column, write “PATH” On the right column, copy/paste the output of this:

  • Open Terminal
  • type echo $PATH

Click , it seems like the .bash_profile is not read, therefore all other environment variables are not present in the path. To add them manually, in Pycharm, go to Run→Edit Configurations and add all the paths you like. This solution is clearly not the best…


To display variable when running debugger on tests (e.g. pytest), declare: `JB_DISABLE_BUFFERING=1`

Long indexing

Sometimes it can be indexing for 20 minutes on opening– during that, it is not possible to run the project.

Show line number

Pycharm > Preferences… > Editor > Appearance > “Show line numbers”

Change Docstring format