Miniconda is a very light and actively maintained python distribution (and more important: free!). Miniconda is actually a light version of Anaconda, which contains hundreds of packages. It will only install the standard library and interpreter.


Miniconda installer (bash script) can be found here: For OsX and Linux systems, you can install Miniconda by launching the installer with following command:

bash ~/Downloads/Miniconda-3.8.3-MacOSX-x86_64

Install a new package

Once conda is installed, you can use conda command to install packages. For example:

conda install numpy
conda install scipy=0.12.0 # install the version 0.12.0 of scipy
conda install nibabel curl # install multiple package at a time
conda install scipy=0.12.0 curl=7.26.0

Upgrade conda and packages

Miniconda itself can be upgraded using the following command:à

conda update conda

Each installed package can be updated using a similar command:

conda update numpy

Building your own package