SETUP DATABASE (only do it once)

  1. Open Endnote
  2. Copy the shared database from here to your home folder (e.g., under Document/endnote/).
  3. Open the copied databased under EndNote.


How to import a new reference

WARNING!! before doing that, make sure the reference is not already existing, to avoid duplicates (really really bad!!).

From Endnote public library:

  1. in Endnote, click “online search”
  2. select a database (i recommend Pubmed)
  3. type keywords, then search
  4. right click on the reference, then select “copy reference to NeuroPoly”

From Papers2:

  1. in Papers, select the reference (it should have been “matched” already)
  2. press cmd+o, then save somewhere
  3. in endnote, press cmd+i, then select the file.

From BibTex:

How to cite a reference in Word

option 1:

  1. in Endnote, select the reference
  2. press cmd+ctrl+2

option 2:

  1. in word, type ctrl+7

How to add new styles

I have made/obtained a collection of styles for neuroimaging journals here.


Citation in footnote like don't appear like in the text

To change this so that citations in footnotes have the same format as references in the bibliography, in EndNote click on Edit, Output Styles, Edit “[your style]”, Footnotes Templates. Change Format citations in footnotes from Same as In-Text Citations to Same as Bibliography.

Endnote bar disappeared on Microsoft Word

Possible solutions:

  • Run disk utility > Repair

EndNote is slow

Try to “compress the library” as enx, then close EndNote, move your old library in an “old” folder (just in case…), then import the new compressed library. EndNote will reindex all entries, and it should be faster afterwards.