Configure ANIMA in ~/.anima/config.txt:

 # Variable names and section titles should stay the same
 # Put this file in your HomeFolder/.anima/config.txt
 # Make the anima variable point to your Anima public build
 # Make the extra-data-root point to the data folder of Anima-Scripts
 # The last folder separator for each path is crucial, do not forget them
 # Use full paths, nothing relative or using tildes
 anima-scripts-public-root = /Users/USER/Anima-Scripts-Public/
 anima-scripts-root = /Users/USER/Anima-Scripts/
 anima = /Users/USER/Anima-Public/build/bin/
 extra-data-root = /Users/USER/Anima-Scripts_data/

Configure .bash_profile: