Welcome to the Neuroimaging Laboratory at Polytechnique Montreal (NeuroPoly). This email will help you with computer/administrative aspects in relation with your internship.

  • Once you arrive, get your p-matricule and room access. Alexandru Foias will guide you through the administrative aspects.
  • You will have access to an iMac. You can also use your own laptop that you will be able to connect to a screen.
  • The lab has a wiki website with internal info (https://www.neuro.polymtl.ca/internal_resources). Alex will create an account for you.
  • GoogleDrive: All students have a GoogleDrive folder shared with the supervisor (Julien and/or Nikola) for organizing results, progress reports, etc. Send an email to Alex (via your gmail account) so he can create a folder for you. Once shared, please organize as described here (you will need to log in to access this page): https://www.neuro.polymtl.ca/internal_resources/dropbox.
  • GoogleGroup: Alex will add you to the relevant GoogleGroup in relation with your project.
  • GitHub: If you don't have a GiHub account already, please create one and send Alex your username. He will add you to the relevant repositories (with write permissions).
  • Polygrames account: once you know your pmatricule, open an Polygrames account. This account is used by the DHCP server to allow you access to internal data. For more info, see this link (needs login).
  • Slack: we actively use it in the lab for rapid communication. Alex will create an account for you. Communications related to the project should always go through the dedicated public slack channel, or via email (in this case always cc me to avoid parallel conversations).
  • If anything is unclear (including this procedure), please let us know so that it can be improved for the next student :-)