NeuroPoly Lab
Software Developer
We recruit experienced software developers to work on the ivadomed project.
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Main tasks
    Implement new features, refactoring, bug fixes, suggest improvements
    Help managing the project, create software releases, establish best coding practices
    Contribute to the API and user documentation
πŸ€ The team
    We are a friendly team composed of academic researchers, students and part-time developers (~15 people).
πŸ’° Salary
    $40/h if you are good, up to $70/h if you are excellent.
πŸ“… Schedule
    This is a long term position, which could be part-time or full time.
🧐 What profile are we looking for?
    Strong coding skills in Python, proficient in git/GitHub
    Strong skills in data science and deep learning
    Passion for open-source software and knowledge sharing ❀️
πŸš€ Why take this job?
    Join an environment that fosters autonomy, passion and creativity
    Take leadership in open-source projects with strong impact in the medical field
    Develop strong image processing skills with experts in medical imaging
✍️ How to apply?
    Send requests to Julien Cohen-Adad with the subject [Software Developer]. Include CV and links to your GitHub account and other relevant contributions (blogs, personal page, etc.).
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