NeuroPoly Lab
Project Manager for Software Development
We recruit people to help managing our software projects. Below is a list of typical tasks involved:
Team/Project management
    Check for stale branches, be in touch with developers about their developments, make sure things are moving forward
    Help students with technical issues (how to use git, best practices for coding, etc.)
    Make new releases and announce them
    Update the wiki (e.g. a page like this one πŸ˜‰ )
    Make sure the documentation is sound, up-to-date (maybe recent changes in the code outdated the documentation)
    Create/Update video tutorial material
Interaction with users
    Create Discourse forum for some projects (AxonDeepSeg)
    Be reactive to users questions on the forum; if you don't have the expertise, redirect to someone with the expertise
    Help organize courses for the project (put together course material, test it, etc.)
Advertising on specialized sites and social media
    Advertise the project on social media (FB, Twitter, etc.) and specialized sites (OHBM, ISMRM, MICCAI, etc.)
    Organize Kaggle competition (eg for ivadomed, AxonDeepSeg)
    Every time the project is used and cited, post on social media
Help on recruitment
    Post announce or contact directly potential candidates for software development, image processing, deep learning, MRI physics
Interested? –> Please contact Julien Cohen-Adad​
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