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-====== Welcome to NeuroPoly====== +====== Welcome to the NeuroImaging Research Laboratory at Polytechnique (NeuroPoly====== 
-**NeuroPoly** is a research laboratory specialized in neuroimaging ​based in Montreal, Canada. It is located ​at [[http://​www.polymtl.ca/​|École Polytechnique]]on the [[http://​www.umontreal.ca/​|Université de Montréal]] campus.+**NeuroPoly** is a research laboratory specialized in neuroimaging. It is based at [[http://​www.polymtl.ca/​|École Polytechnique]] on the [[http://​www.umontreal.ca/​|Université de Montréal]] campus, in Montreal, Canada.
-  * [[Research]] 
-  * [[People]] 
-  * [[facilities|Facilities]] 
-  * [[internal_resources|Internal Resources]]