The main lab is located at Ecole Polytechnique, 5th floor, biomedical engineering section (L5613, L5626).

Computer Lab

  • 10+ iMac workstations (quad-core up to 3.4GHz)
  • Software
    • Neuroimaging software: FSL, FreeSurfer, SPM, MRIcron, ITKsnap, OsiriX, etc.
    • Programming: Matlab, Python, C++

RF Lab

  • Three network analyzers:
    • E5061B (100kHz-3GHz, full two-port S-parameters)
    • E5061A (300kHz-1.5GHz, two-port)
    • FieldFox N9923A (portable, shielded, full two-port S-parameters)
  • Four DC sources
  • Several multimeters, small capacitance meter, inductor meter, current probe
  • Set of non-magnetic fixed and variable capacitors.
  • PCB printing facilities (acid-based or routing machine)
  • License to ADS + CST
  • Part of Poly-Grames and CREER.

MRI facilities

3T human

7T small bore